Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mom Shorts

In Florida the weather is mild around this time of year. The mid-day sun will make you wish for the skimpy clothes of summer but that moment will pass. Then the wind will come when you step out of the sun, and you will surely be freezing your tootsies off.

See the shorts on my Etsy!

I made these shorts that are great for bike riding, laying in the grass and sitting on a movie theater seat. As a woman, I hate the thought of sitting on a movie theater seat in anything other than jeans.

Anyway, don't be scared of the old school mom jeans. Cut them off, Cuff em and add a belt--if you're daring pair it with some platforms and let out that fashionista for springtime weather.

Watch the video clip below from the Saturday Night Live skit. Enjoy!
Mom Jeans

Saturday, January 21, 2012


I've been looking for some girls for an editorial shoot, but all my friends moved to New York City (and other countries too, so go figure). The truth is I'm at that great age where moving forward sometimes literally moving far distances. I love this city, St. Petersburg, and don't plan on moving anywhere that gets colder than and 30 degree low in the middle of the night. Now, everyone is pretty spread out all over the world and I love it.
This inspiration comes from these great styles in the February Vogue 2012. Kendra Spears is gorgeous so this was perfect inspiration for a new spark of creativity. Pictures soon!

February Vogue 2012

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