Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Shop Stop

An art revival is happening on the 600 Block on St. Petersburg, Florida. There are galleries and stores that showcase local artists work in all types of mediums. The headbands, hair extensions and earrings I have been working are now lined up on display at 1 of 1 Customs. Every piece is one of a kind and will not be made again. Everything on the board makes a great little gift and is only $5.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Accesorize Your Hair

Fashion trends show that less is more when it comes to accessories. The bundled chunky bangles mixed with flowing strings of beads around your neck may seem bohemian style, but it is actually a bit much. Try instead a great looking hairpiece for your outfit and nothing else is needed!

Great flower and feather headbands make springtime day and night ensembles complete! Jewel tones are very current so the fuchsia and vibrant purples are fabulous colors for every occasion. Pin a long hemp hair extension to show your individual expression.

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