Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Birthday. To:Me

I got my new sewing machine today. Heavy Duty Singer. I'm Jamming out because I also got a new job. Celebrate!

MORE CREATIONS TO COME from my new birthday present.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Reduds: Clown Fish

Have you ever noticed the magnificent colors that radiate from saltwater fish? At my doctors office they literally have the entire cast of "Finding Nemo" in the waiting area. I came up with an idea to show that in a jersey dress. I like the bright orange next to the black and the stripes are obvious of the clown fish. The black and orange utility cord can be helpful in outdoor emergencies! More to come.




Late Night

Last night I was up being bored and having fun. Since I won't get my new heavy duty machine for another couple weeks I have been having fun hand sewing just about everything. The last posts were also hand sewn.

This is boredom at its finest. The white blouse and neon colors all glow under black light.

Then, I cut a few shirts and attempted a figure of some sort. You "figure" it out.

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